Can you change who controls it to family?

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For my mom, NH sent check within 60 days. Mom was on Medicaid & fully current on her copay. Amt under $100. Also NH sent Trust statement every 90 days.
But for MIL, she was “Medicaid Pending” status at time of death. She was in NH about 5 mos & became very very ill (infection & septic). She went from NH to a hospitalization and then to a freestanding Hospice where she died within 3 weeks. So did not return to NH. The NH took basically a year to send a check to BIL (was dpoa) and not sent till after MIL got approved for Medicaid retroactively after death. Check made out to “estate of”. Which I think is deliberately done to make it more of a hurdle & harder to cash/deposit as those on Medicaid are impoverished. So unless they kept their home or had life insurance with their estate as beneficiary, there are NO assets, so no “estate of” bank accounts for probate needed.

In theory trust $ is NOT supposed to be tied into their room & board bill.
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The nature of a trust fund is that they hold the money "in trust" for the resident, and must return it when the resident leaves/dies.
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