My 92 year old Dad had been showing developing signs of dementia - probably Alzheimers, although not officially diagnosed - for several months before I got online at this site and found someone's positive comment about coconut oil. I tried cooking with it one night and the next morning I noticed a remarkable improvement! He has been much clearer and whole lot easier to get along with since I've continued cooking with it. I just have to not give him too much or else he develops some diarrhea which seems to go away pretty quickly in a day. I got approval from his Dr. to also try gingko biloba and have started him on that. Heard on a radio broadcast that in the UK they use gingko as an actual prescribed treatment for dementia. Does any of you have person experiences with these items and can you recommend anything else we can try? I was almost ready to put Dad in a NH but visited one and was saddened by the life he would lead if I left him there. He still has a brain in his head - the use of these products proves that - so I don't have the heart to move him out of my house until he really is so far gone that I can't stand taking care of him anymore - and the hired help we have coming in for a few hours from time to time can't handle the 24 hour care he might need. I'm praying that God will take him before we get to that point but am trying to find anything I can to stave off these horrible affects of dementia. Dementia is so cruel - both for the person going through it but particularly for the caregiver. I'm sure many of you more than have a passing familiarity with what I'm talking about... Thanks for your help! What is your experience with them?

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There's a very long post and discussion on the topic of coconut oil here:

I haven't read it entirely so I don't know if it also addresses ginkgo biloba, but there's a lot of discussion on coconut oil. These search hits may help as they do address gingko:
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