Took mom to the neurologist today. Was given a talk about the latest "medication" that will supposedly improve the condition unlike the Aricept and Namenda that helps them hold steady. The PA-C handed me this cute purple sack with this Axona, which is in powered packets you put in a shaker with 4-8 ounces of water on a full stomach, after lunch or dinner, I guess, though they provided a freebie Boost (with a coupon for the Boost, so they must be in cahoots with those people). Guess what, the side-effects are GI-related. I no sooner made it home today, and there's a message on my machine to call the Accera people back to get a prescription for this going. She hasn't even tried it yet and they want us to start a prescription. Lord knows I do well to get mom to take her pills let alone this, and the Aricept and Namenda aren't so great for the bowels as it is. Haven't checked the price on this but I'm tempted to say forget it. I don't see a huge improvement with Namenda or Aricept and the diarrhea stuff drives me nuts, I can barely get her to the bathroom when we're out sometimes. What do you guys think? I'll check the price but I'm a bit aggravated about how quick the pharmacy people are to sell me something else.

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