I've used diaper rash creams, antibiotic creams, anti fungal creams. Nothing seems to make it better. She sleep flat on her back and is incontinent. I know that is probably the cause of the sore but she won't sleep on her side.

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Assuming one is dealing with a mild bed sore and that it is not infected, antibiotic creams, antifungal creams, and diaper rash creams will not be effective. Cleansing solutions (like betadine or peroxide) can make it worse.

Avoiding pressure on the sore is the most important thing (frequent turning every 1-2 hours if lying down, using an air/foam mattress, or any other ways to avoid her putting pressure on the sore).

Making sure the sore is covered with a dressing (such as a transparent wound dressings) for wound protection and mild moisture retention, and making sure the area on and around the sore is clean is the second thing (urine and stool will further irritate and potentially infect the sore).

Make sure nutrition is good and no smoking is occurring.

Make sure her doctor is aware of this issue and evaluates the sore. It would be useful to be aware of wound care experts to help guide you and your mother in case the sore becomes more problematic, but typically if proper measures are taken and the sore is mild (i.e. no skin breakage or minimal breakage), the sore can heal over several weeks.

Hope this helps you out. If you have further questions about this topic, feel free to contact me directly (see my profile for details).

Best wishes,
Vik Rajan, M.D.

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