I've read that for Dementia you should validate a person's delusions and not try to "talk them out of it." However, is this also true for a victim of stroke? My father is 5 months post stroke and all he will talk about is "the plan" to get him back home living alone. He needs 24 hour care, he's in an ALF and there is no "plan." We can visit for hours and 85% of the conversation will be about "the plan." Any agreement with "the plan" will immediately be met with a call to action, "Well, lets go!" and then you can't get him off of that. So far I've been evasive and noncommittal, but redirecting isn't working and it's wearing on me.

(I put his in the "Relationships" section because there isn't one for Stroke)

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I would validate his plan in a realistic way - yes dad, but first you need to be able to do (whatever PT he is working on), and then get approval from the doctors. Also be aware that stroke can cause of vascular dementia, if he is still not rational at 5 months post stroke I would suspect that.
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Shawn850 Jan 14, 2020
Thanks cwillie. Unfortunately whenever we try that, he just says all the doctors are wrong and he's perfectly fine (which is what he truly believes).

Thanks so much for the heads-up on the vascular dementia! He has a neurology appointment soon and I'll definitely bring that up. The description of the symptoms are spot on.
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