I have Parkinson Disease I am 64 and on Disability Medicare. I moved to Omaha to be closer to my Children as I am now needing there help more. There is no Bus Service. I chose this location because 2 of my children live in this area.

My children have to take off work for me to make it to Physical Therapy and Dr. Appointments. This is not working. Is there any service that is provided to this area for transportation to the elderly and disabled.

I can no longer multitask and am no longer allowed to drive.

I have a physical therapy appointment at Lakeside Hospital at 3 pm on Monday Oct. 22. I will have to cancel if I cannot find reasonable transportation. My children can pick me up after the appointment but can not get me to the appointment. Since it is physical therapy these appointment will be continuing for a time.

I am low income. I know I would qualify for Medicare but I really hate to be a burden on the government. I am already on Section 8 for my rent.

Is there any transportation service that can assist me. I am willing to go early and wait if that is necessary.

Thank You
Annette Wurdeman

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Also, contact your local bus or a taxi service for assistance. There may be services available at reduced or no fee for transportation for your appointments.

Best of luck!
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Annette, I'd rather see my tax dollars being spent for someone like you, and not the dead beat who CAN but DOESN'T work. Apply where you need to, use the Medicare. That's what's there for.
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