Hi, everyone. Happy Saturday. Can someone please save me some research work? I need to get hubby to a cardiologist. I need someone not only to get him there and back, but help me get him into the chair, out the door and down the ramp, then back up the ramp after his appointment. The power chair does not willingly go up the ramp and takes a lot of manpower. It’s not an easy thing to do. Hubby is no lightweight.

Does anyone know if Medicare pays for transport like this? Has anyone used a regular medical transport? He would most likely have to be taken out on a gurney. We can’t afford hundreds or dollars for this service.

Thanks for any advice!

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I would explain your situation to the cardiologist. First, can u cut down on visits. Then ask if he has a Nurse Practitioner who can come to the home.
Really, what does the appt entail. Just routine BP check, listening to the heart, adjusting meds. A NP can do this. Ask if he can order homecare where they come in and report back to the doctor. Your husband is bedbound. Doctors need to realize that caregivers cannot do it all or afford help.
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It all depends on what "type" of Medicare you have. The original/tradition type, or one of the comprehensive managed care plans like from Aetna or Humana.

Do you have the big Medicare Handbook? Two categories, I think. Emergency and Non-Emergency Transport. But....if transport is "medically necessary" then the fact that is is not emergency will lessen the out-of-pocket costs. Unfortunately, it will still cost you at least $200.....probably more.

Just an idea: I called to cancel my own colonoscopy appointment (10 year routine) because I had nobody to drive me there and take me home, and the doctor told me that they would not release me to an Uber. I asked, do you know what people in my situation do? Guess what? A miracle. They did. They connected me with a service that only charges $15 cash for each way. Granted......I am 100% ambulatory, not like your hubby.....but maybe you can prevail upon the cardiologist and ask what they may know? Or local religious foundations and charities.
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Have you called your local department of transportation? They are the ones in my area that do the low cost transportation, I have seen a multitude of different vehicles with the logo, some look like they are hauling a hospital bed.

Worth checking out and getting signed up. Here, people that need assistance on the road are usually allowed a companion to accompany them free of charge.
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Ahmijoy Apr 2019
Thanks. Yes, we have a county transport system who also has handicap accessible vans. We’ve used them and they’re great. However, 90% of my problem is getting him out of the bed (we have a Hoyer), into the chair and out the door, then on the return trip, back up the ramp. The county transport is not allowed to go any farther than the garage. I fear my only other option is to seek out a cardiologist who will do home visits. I don’t know if those even exist though.

Thanks for your suggestion. I may just call our local transport to see if they have any ideas.
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