How do I find a service that will drive my Mom to her swimming class twice a week, doesn't cost $25/hr and no required 3 hours?

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plus mileage?? I don't know how they think senior can afford that. I can see she's getting depressed because she can't get there and enjoy her social time. she's 87 and no longer drives

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Your local Area Agency on Aging or even senior commission should be able to help. Many areas have a senior van for people who don't need help and a paratransit bus for those in wheel chairs. These aren't generally free but hey wouldn't have a required amount of travel.

Try looking into your community resources by going to and then finding your state. From their you'll find the links to resources.

I hope that you find something,
1. Your profile doesn't state where you are, such as in a small town, or metropolitan area. So check with your city or town, or the nearest largest community, for a public transit system. Ask if they have door-to-door service. It can be called by various titles - dial-a-ride, small bus, connector...varies by transit service.

These are nominally priced and do provided door to door service.

2. Contact your local senior center and ask if they have any transit services for seniors; sometimes they're limited to transit for medical appointments, however, although swimming is certainly a healthy exercise.

Look up timebanks It's a wonderful barter system that is all over the country. I was in the same position as you and tried all kinds of things to get out of spending my working time driving Mom around. There were people in her class that helped her, and I got the timebank member to drive her too. You can look for a time bank organization in your area. There are usually people who like to do things for the elderly. You can choose what kind of things you'd like to offer others. I have benefited so many times from our timebank in Portland, Maine and also in the Boston area.

The other thing I did was go to the class with her, or take her to the class and go somewhere else for some quality ME time: a walk in the woods, or do an errand.
Her class was at the senior center so it turned out she liked to be there much longer than I wanted to spend there so I dropped her off and she would find a ride home. Sometimes she'd call me if she got stuck and I'd pick her up then.

It was a real struggle for me to be her driver for years without pay. She'd be mean to me because she believed that because I was her daughter I should obey her every wish. It was a battle to pay me even for gas. I finally said I am NOT doing this at all. She moved to a place where there were activities in place. Now things are much better. Good luck!!!
start by calling your Area Agency on Aging - Administration on Aging
Also if your mother lives in a senior housing place there are small shuttle buses that can take her to senior classes in that town. The biggest lesson I had to learn was boundaries. My mother had none.
Another thought: if you cater to your mother, she might not bother to befriend others that could take the load off of your shoulders. Back off and you might find her reaching out to those people in her class.
Gardenartist- Thank you for the information, I have never used the service and never thought about that, I appreciate the info and will bring that to my friends attention he is handy capped so would be a target I wish I could delete my answer
Even a taxi would be cheaper than that, I would assume. However, someone might be willing to drive her privately for free or for a minimal price (does anyone in the class live nearby?).
In many areas has many people who post their services for elderly, childcare, and pet care. They are generally individuals who charge reasonable rates and are more flexible. There are also options for background checks, and many already have one completed.
Depending on where you live there may be volunteer drivers available through local service clubs etc. In our area there is a small fee to cover costs based on mileage.

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