When a Dementia patient no longer can live at home and is placed in a Assisted Living facility is it better to see them daily or does this confuse them and make the transition harder?

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I just moved my husband from a skilled nurseing facility into a residential care home where he will get more one on one care. He was not happy about it at all. I was asked to stay away at least a week, two if possible so that the individual could get use to the new care. For me, it was easy as our weather has been horrible. Will go this week but will not stay long.....
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I have read where staying away for two weeks helps the person get use to the routine at the facility.   But I think it depends on the person's own personality.

For my Dad, before his apartment was ready in senior living, I would drive him over to the facility for him to enjoy the social hour, coffee and snacks.   That gave him a chance to see the main lobby and the living rooms and sun rooms, plus the grounds.   I did this for 2 weeks.   Then when he moved it, he felt like he knew the place.   Of course, his memory was still pretty good at that time.

I think if you decide to visit, make the visits short, like a half hour or less.   I know some grown children will stay the whole day thus their parent will depend on them more, and the Staff will keep their distance instead of working with the parent.
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