My mom is in a care center right now in St. Louis, MO and after several issues with my brother being her POA, he's asked me to take over. I have no idea where to begin or who to speak to. I need her to come to Kentucky where I can assist her more easily.

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It would be helpful to contact an elder-law attorney in your state to make sure you have all the legal issues dealt with. And of course the POA will need to be transferred to you. Make sure it is worded so that you have control before and after Mom's death. I agree to call Social Security, her address will need to be changed. I changed everything for my MIL online for Social Security, but she was not changing states only cities. Are you going to personally get your mom or are you asking for options?
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Your Brother needs to contact the Soc. Security Office as her Authorized Representative and let them know he wishes you to be the Authorized Representative.
Next, after you just GO GET your mother with his permission, bring her home, Take her to a Primary Physician who will be her doctor. YOU Make an appointment with soc. sec. to be her Authorized Representative. Her Doctor will Send the Letter representing you to the Soc. Sec. office for your appointment with them. Your brother can transfer his POA over to you. If the mother is alert, she can do that herself with a telephone call or appointment. POA is Dead when the Person is dead. MAKE sure You have a DUAL POA. That is for when is alert and if / when she is not. Get the Soc. Sec. office to Direct Deposit her money into your Mother's New Bank Account in your local city. Make Sure You are her PAYABLE UPON DEATH of the account. If you have $10,000 saved in this account and the mother dies, her money cannot be used for anything until a Judge with Attorney fees sort out. At the end of each year a 1099 form sort will be sent to you. YOu will be required to fill it out as a Tax Sheet and Record Keeper of where her money went and how much she has left. BE SURE To contact your local Area on Aging. Get he meals on wheels and such. Ask for a Medicaide Waiver to get help in the home and a Senior Citizens Daycare, transportation. REMEMBER you must APPLY for the Medicaide Portion through EACH state with the Dept of Human Resources for that part to be paid OR she will be paying for her deductibles and co pay. ALSO, ask the Physician to have her Prescriptions made out in 90 day bottles. Remember you pay co pay Per Prescription. I have a lot of ideas that has worked for me. Learned the hard way; alone. NOTE: There is help with the County Council of Aging where your mother can qualify for an appointed attorney to change her will or policy of Representative issues. Take Careful Consideration that the Soc. Sec. DOES NOT recognize POA's. They will not talk to you UNLESS you have been sworn in by the Primary Care Physician and your Appointment with the Soc. Sec. has authorized you as her Authorized Representative. ONLY will the BANK recognize you with a POA. If you do NOT tell the Bank and show documents of the Authorized Represenative, ANYONE of the family can talk mom into going with her to the bank and have her draw all the money out. An Authorized Representative promises that the Elder has no contact with the money or accounts. You are in charge with a Dual Power Of Attorney with her alert and nonalert, and her Soc. Sec. Income as an Authorized Representative. Remember Payable Upon death is important on any bank account. If she dies the money is void to you if you do NOT have this or Her Legal Guardian meaning she has no idea how to function without you and you decide what she does, where she does, when she does, and where it happens. No one can take her away. good luck and gb.
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