Mom had fall and hip replacement in 2007. Recovered from hip replacement but mobility was limited due to bad knees and back. Fell last year and broke 3 ribs, 2 lumbar compression fractures and a crack in her knee. Blind in one eye and limited vision in other. Stenosis and neuropathy and dementia (unknown cause). Recovering from diverticulitis and pneumonia and UTI. No other major health concerns.
The hoyer lift scares her and hurts her legs. My brother and I are the primary caregivers 24/7 for the past year.
Looking for a nurse to come by in the morning and night to check her.
Also looking for persons to help with transferring her to and from lift chair/potty chair/wheelchair and bed. My brother and I are in our 60's and it is getting harder to move mom each day. And the house confinement and constant answering of questions is really beginning to take a toll on us. Mom wonders where all her family is now and wants to know when dad is coming home from work. He died 20 years ago.
Seems like there is something missing in our long term health care options.
We don't want to consider a nursing home unless no other choice.

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Have you considered getting in-home help from a nursing agency? You get to pick the time you would like someone to be there (3 hour shift? 8 hour shift? 12 hour shift?) and they're trained in transferring. It would also give you and your brother a break. Physically transferring someone a number of times a day every day can wear on the body.

Do you have a gait belt? You should always transfer with a gait belt. It gives you something to hang onto while you transfer.
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