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I moved my mom from Medicaid paid NH to another Medicaid paid NH in TX and it was pretty simple. Under her states Medicaid rules, you can do this and without any penalty or requirements. The state reinburses the NH on a daily rate, so there is no issue on payment & no need for advance letter (as there would be in private pay). My mom's gerontology group disaffiliated with the medical director @ NH#1 so I moved her to the NH they were with. Did this within the first year of her being there - also other issues with this NH #1 like inept management. The NH that she went into initially was not the NH it became within a few months.

When you find the new NH, they will send over a clinical person & usually the social worker, to do an assessment of the resident. The old NH has to under Medicaid rules allow them in to do this. This is usually done just to make sure that the new NH can provide the level of care and services for the resident. If they have a Medicaid bed open, you can move them the next day.

You do want to do it before 10AM so it's after their morning medications and after breakfast and so they are in NH # 2 in time for lunch and I'd plan to spend the rest of the day to get them acclimated, walk them around the plance and on the list @ the beauty shop!. This is important: TAKE A BIG ZIPLOC TO PUT ALL THEIR MEDICATIONS IN. The med's are a big deal as they are usually in a 1 month blister packs and the state will not pay for duplicating the meds. This could get really expensive. The old NH could be a real PIA on doing this, so hold your ground and get them, no excuses.

For my mom, I went and had her room at new NH#2 set up the day before with all new toiletries, linens, pictures up, so all I had to move was her, and the clothes that were good enough to take. (left about half behind as they were just worn out from the laundry @ NH #1). All her paperwork & trust fund was done the day before too. Much easier to transfer than to get them admitted initially.
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I had my mother transferred...hopefully I can help.

If your mother is already on Medicaid, then it is only a process of you contacting admissions at the nursing home you wish to transfer her to and seeing if they have a bed available.

In my situation, I worked out the transfer even though my mother hadn't been approved for Medicaid. The nursing home she was going to took patients who were "Medicaid pending" and they had a bed available.

I would contact your mother's social worker and get a list of facilities in the area and then start immediately contacting admissions.

Good luck...if you have any questions feel free to direct message me.
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This can be a tough one, I'm sad to say.

Ideally, the facility you're interested in transferring your mother to has a Medicaid bed available. Most skilled nursing facilities are required to have a certain # of Medicaid beds (you may have to do a little research on the facility first). However, you may find that there is a waiting list for Medicaid bed availability. I hate to say this, but a lot of facilities are not going to prioritize admissions in order of first come/first serve. If they have an open bed and they have the option of accepting a Medicaid level resident or a private pay resident, they often will push the Medicaid resident down on the list and take the private payer first.

Do you already have another nursing home in mind? If so, my suggestion would be to work with the social worker in the current facility where your mom resides; let her know you're interested in a transfer and have her send appropriate paperwork to the other facility. Have you officially applied for residency for your mom at the other facility?
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