Let me explain, my mom doesn't want to do anything, but watch tv, drink about 8 cups of tea a day followed with a cigarette. I have to stay off my feet so i can recuperate since i can't afford the surgery. It's been one month since my injury and i'm finding myself worrying about her breakfast, lunch and dinner since she no longer cooks.It is a 24/7 thing and i don't have time to listen to my my own thoughts and some me time, only when i go to shower. I was wandering if medicare can help me with this situation, providing some type of help at least a few hours perhaps two days a week? I can't continue to order food from outside all the time nor being standing on one leg to cook. No matter how simple the meals can be. It's frustrating because is just me and i don't have anyone to help. Just every now and then my neighbors of 85 years of age will go to the supermarket for me, since i can't drive for the moment. If i explain this to her primary doctor, can he help us getting some help since she's on Medicare? I think all thinks happened for a reason. Maybe my mom can see that eventually she's gonna need some help with her household chores. Any advise, anyone??!!

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It sounds like you both need help. Reconsider your need for surgery and rehab unless you want to be permanently crippled. Then call mom's doctor and get her into respite care or arrange visiting nurses while you are away.
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