And I was late to work again. She is 82 years old, in good health except for Alzheimer's, still eating, still verbal, still ambulatory with aid of a cane, quite forgetful and often disoriented (e.g., can't find the bathroom, tries all the doors till she finds it), but 90% continent and sleeps through the night now that the dr. has prescribed something. But she is SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW. It's not that she's balky, like a willful child. She is just SLOOOOOOOOW. We were up at 5:20 and didn't make it out the door till after 7:30. I have the feeling even if we got up at 3 we wouldn't make it till after 7:30. Any ideas? Tried to hire an aide and no one wants to come from 5:30-7:30 a.m., which is when I take her to a wonderful adult daycare program that is so good for her and that she loves. Clothes all laid out, meds all lined up, all the usual tips are already in place. Thanks in advance!

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bridges, bathe mom the night before and let her sleep in her sweatsuit. In the morning you can then just take her to the bathroom and dash out the door. Bring along a nicer top they can help her with at the daycare, and hand her a little juice box and a granola bar in the car! I hope that helps.
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I allow 2 hours for my mother to be ready. She's 89 and slow as a snail. If she is running behind, I tell her that we have to leave in x minutes. That speeds her up.

I worry that this will put your job in jeopardy. I hope your boss is understanding and that you make up for the time lost.

Maybe you can prepare breakfast the night before and pop it in the microwave. That might help some.
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