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cdnreader, freqflyer, and Jennegibbs have offered very good tips.

Recently been dealing with dehydration with my mom. Try offering in smaller servings, More often.

Sometimes having 4 ounces of in a glass and a small snack fruit or vegies along side can be less intimidating. I found by offering the smaller glasses and not always with food, has increased intake.

I have been using strawberry Gatorade, Tea or flavored waters and adding frozen fruits and creating a slushy. Sometimes adding honey.

Flavored Boost or Ensure can make great shakes. Depending on flavor, chocolate with frozen bananas and or peanut butter, strawberry fruit, frozen or not.

Being a little more creative when offering the fruit/ vegies also can be helpful. I did a search on the internet for fun food ideas. Makes mom smile, giggle and enjoy more. Hope this helps.
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My husband liked v-8 juice with a dash of hot sauce. My mother would drink ginger ale but only if it came in those little cans. Popsicle are refreshing on a hot day.

If you can identify a juice or beverage that your loved one does like, make that available often.

Hot tea, iced tea, hot or cold coffee, fruit juices, frozen juices -- all can help with the hydration issue. Also offer foods with a lot of moisture: most fruits, watermelon for sure, soups, broths, salads. Our bodies can even extract whatever moisture there might be in soda crackers, so don't underestimate moist foods.

Does your loved one like a bottle of beer once in a while? (Not 8 a day, of course!)

Don't make it a contest of wills. Don't nag. Don't make your loved one miserable over this subject. But offer good sources of liquid often.
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Katcolsc, I recently discovered bottled ice tea that comes in all sorts of flavors, my favorite is peach. One has to watch sugar intact if they have a sugar issue.

Nestle Splash also has some flavored water, their lemon is pretty good. It can sit non-refrigerated for a few days [cap on] and still taste good :)
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Dear Katcolsc,

I know dehydration is a serious issue in the elderly. When I was taking care of my dad, I would just leave straws with bottled water, juice, fresh fruit and veggies around, a bottle of Ensure or Boost on the table and around his bed, just hoping he would have a little when he wanted. I would try and sit with them and visit with them and encourage them to drink more.

But if this is affecting them mentally then have a doctor or nurse check on them. Maybe review their blood work or mental capabilities. My dad was dying and he wouldn't even drink till I held a straw this mouth. It was my fault, that I didn't manage his care better. I thought he was just being stubborn and grumpy but he was dying.
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