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So I started noticing my grandmother hallucinating on Saturday but I didnt think much of it because she didnt open up about what she was seeing. On Tuesday I started to sleep in her room with her to help her should she need me at night and I'm glad I am because I'm noticing so many things that I didnt realize before.

She hallucinates every night. We will go and get her checked for UTI but this is the first time that I'm experiencing this, I will research, but right now reading up on it seems daunting.

Please can I get a few experiences and tips from people in this situation as well, what type of reaction has helped when you recognize your LO is hallucinating? Any tips and things to keep in mind?

Also I'm worried about her, if she does have UTI and she only gets checked on Wednesday (that's when she has her doctor's appointment) is that a bad thing? Or should we just take her today?

I keep telling my dad to take her to get tested for UTI, since Tuesday when she was hallucinating very badly (but I didn't know about UTI at the time, but I just wanted her to go see a doctor) and every day since. I'd take her by myself but I cant because of the situation, I need his help. But he just wants to do the test when we go for her appointment, is that going to make her worse? Or is a few more days not too bad?
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My hubby went to a graveside service on Thursday--and I asked about his mom. who is not doing well. At the last moment, she decided not to go.

Asked him what was wrong and he said Sis said she was 'meaner than usual'--and was going to take her to the drs for a UTI check. (Big sigh). Her last UTI wound her up in the hospital for 6 weeks--she kept falling.

She doesn't hallucinate, but she gets VERY angry and nasty. This is the 'new normal' for her--altho she has always been pretty mean.

She also sleeps 14-18 hrs a day now, esp when the UTI's come. She swears she never sleeps, EVER, but DH has had to break into her house many times to check on her and there she is, sound asleep at 2 pm, in her pjs, in bed.

I had a UTI about 6 weeks ago and while I did not go 'crazy'--I definitely felt 'off'.

Glad you got gran to the dr. Even if she was just hallucinating, it would be worth a check up.
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Issah, please let us know how gran (and you) are doing. So glad you got her to the ER!
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UTIs become septic. Very dangerous. If its found she has one, make sure a culture is done to determine the type so the correct antibiotic can be given. Once you get her home, start her on cranberry tablets and a probiotic. Also a member always recommends  D-Mannose. Swears by it. Have her drink plenty of water and cleans herself well after going to the bathroom. Huggies wipes are good. Thick and big.
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For an elder who is hallucinating, in my book, this being new, it is worth an ER check. If you go to MD they will try to get you to get a "clean catch urine specimen" and that will likely be completely impossible. In the ER they will do a specimen via catheterization, initial results for UA in quickly and likely started on meds. The culture takes about three days.
As far as reacting, my brother had quite fascinating hallucinations, especially if anxious, and most at nighttime. He saw things differently as well. He was diagnosed probably early Lewy's dementia, and the way they hallucinate and see the world is quite unique. He was lucid in explaining that a van with black and white hubcap looked like the Diego Rivera painting of a Mexican person leaning over, with long dark hair. When he would explain I saw what he was "seeing". At night his "hallucinations were very elaborate". For instance a pool party outside his window where he could explain the people or an immigrant woman huddled inside in the corner, sheltering her baby. Tried to touch her and she disappeared and became a tall standing floor vase in the dim light. So asking what she sees may be good. On some level, often, they are aware their brain is functioning "differently". All this stuff is so very individual. It is difficult to say because it is definitely a "learn as to go " situation.
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Issah, something else you should do some research on is "sundowning". A great many people with dementia demonstrate behavioral symptoms including hallucinations and delusions in the late afternoon and evening.

It may be that this is what is going on. There are meds that can help with this.
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Issah, a change in mental status (like suddenly starting to have hallucinations) needs to be reported to gran's doctor immediately. The doctor may tell you to take her to the emergency room.

UTis can turn into more dangerous infections rather quickly in older people. Please seek the doctor's advice this morning.

Welcome to be family😀
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IssahN May 23, 2020
Hi Barb, thank you for your quick response it really helped because I was more straight with my dad and gran and we are at the hospital now. Hopefully she has something detectable and common and this will pass in time. So grateful for your perspective and help. Will tell the doctor about sundowning in case she has it.
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