My husband with dementia (moderate) sometimes has to dress when I am not here and does ok but lately he often has his shirts on backwards (t-shirts and 3 button shirts). He also even gets underpants on backwards. Has anybody found a good way to help their loved one to get dressed correctly without your help?

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On the shirts with buttons, hang a happy face tag onto the button, reading "front".
Make it easily removable, or disposable.
Was thinking about a safety pin for the tag, but that would not be safe for him to remove. There are 3" paper clips, use that, make the tag big so you cannot miss it.

Next, you may be writing to us asking: "How do I get my dH to remove the "Front" tag from his shirt? Can't tell if he is messing with us, just thinks it's funny, or if he really forgets because some times he seems so normal!

To preserve hubs dignity, you are going to have to use the "Front" sign on your laundry too.
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My blouse was on inside out the other day. Hubs was smiling, taking pleasure in my error, because usually it's him.
I told him it's all the rage to wear it like that, you could hardly tell.
That was a big mistake, he will use it against me when I have to mention it to him later.
Sometimes, it just doesn't matter, at least until you can be there to correct it.
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The only thing I could think is to use a red laundry pen and put an X for where the back of the shirt and underpants goes. Whether someone with dementia would remember the X is for the back is a different story.

I wouldn't worry about the t-shirts except it could be a bit uncomfortable around the neck. Try joking with him so he's not upset or embarrassed. If it were my Dad I could get him laughing by saying "hey, Dad, I can't tell if you are coming or going, you have your shirt on backwards".... or "starting a new style in wearing clothes?". Dad was quick on the wit, he'd probably say "got food on the front, so I turned the shirt around as the back was still clean".
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