She couldn't find her friend's house that she had been to on a regular basis. For the past two years, we allow Mom to only drive within a 10 mile radius.
Mom was to pick up her friend for a day outing. She drove to the nearby town (population 2000), a mere 8 miles away, and kept driving around the block and back and forth but couldn't find her friend's house so she just came home.

Mom has admitted she doesn't like to drive anymore, but she wants to keep her independence. Do we need to be concerned that she became confuse in a usually familiar area?

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My 82 year old mom drove a 2 mile radius around her home. Doctor, groceries, prescriptions and places to eat. We just let her muddle around till she decided she could not drive anymore. It's impossible to stop them from driving.
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Yes, you do need to be concerned. I hate to say it nearly as much as you will hate to break it to her, but it's time for her to quit while she's ahead. Why wait for her to get seriously lost, which will lead to her pulling over in a strange place, not concentrating on the road, and then God knows what..? Put it to her that she will do well to retire with her driving record unblemished.
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