Are old meds always thrown out when u go home?

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Strange, my first thought is maybe she was taking too many of her medicines at one time and that is what made her sick, could your brother blame you for this illness? Are they putting in a Medicine dispenser for her so it tells her when to take her medicine? Maybe he is thinking some medicines that have expired and just wants a fresh start? If you have a home health agency, only a registered nurse can help her take her medicines, the aids can only REMIND her, but can NOT get pills out of a bottle and sort for her to take.
You may suggest to your brother that since he is in charge maybe he needs to move closer or move your mother closer to him. In no way can he manage her day to day care 10 hours away. You are smart to be "reviewing" the situation. If you do not have any legal rights to help her, what is going to happen when a decision needs to be made and he is not able to make that? Some things need to be made right away, and if he is not in the hospital with her, then how will he effetely manage her care? Seems like he is either trying to "lesson" the burden on you for all of your great pass care taking, or trying to "help" from ten hours away. He may want to be involved and feel this is the only way he can feel like he has control. It just does not make sense for him or the physicians to take you out of the loop when you are the primary local care giver. Is you mother saying something to him or the physicians that may make them want you not involved? Could the physicians think you are a “pain” for asking too many questions and they asked your brother to be a contact? You have every right to continue to “press” her physicians against a wall until you get the information you need, but you need the “legal right” to. Something more may be going on her, just my thoughts, good luck.

Blessings, Bridget
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hi bridget- my mom is comng home from the hospital today- she was there 3 weeks,she was impacted,problems with urinating-dementia-in pain-diabeties she was just miserable being there and very anxious-
i have questions about the med she has gotten in the hosp- however i am running into blocks to get any details-
i am trying to let my brother get the necessary info-if not, i will.
of course she was medicated-
her usual meds were metformin,glim.,nexium.trasadone(?)
for sleep...suppositories,stool softners--
i was told by my brother- who feels he is best suited to be her
healthproxy-i was removed ,even though i have been caring for my mom for years,i live 10 blocks away- and he is about 4 hours away-
so he is the one who is contacted by her doctors-
he had a a friend of my moms go to her apt. and remove all
medications in the house.
this doesnt make sense-
he said the doctor said to do that- that since she was coming home from the hosp that were were going to start new- even though some of her
"new medication" is the same,same dosage, as what was purchased recently.
and many are over the counter-
he said it was so that no one had to read labels)(?)or get mixed up
he also said only the agency aids were to administer the medication- now - i am a 60 yr old woman- my father was an ortho surgeon at hss. i have worked in hospitals- im no fool-
but something sounds off to me-
why throw away meds if they are the same?
and why spend more money?
so i was just wondering if it is common policy these days to remove old meds and replace with new one on a return from hosp
perhaps the agency is making $ off this-- they are using another pharmancy than the one we usually use-
maybe i am being overly suspicious, but is this how it is done ?
i never hae heard of such a thing before- but u never know-
if u have any info- or if u know where i could find out something- i twould be much appreciated.
thank you for your time.
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Can you explain more? Why are you removing medicine from the home? Are you speaking of new medicine purchased because your loved one is moving to a nursing home? You have the ability to bring in the loved one's medicine yourself, thus saving you money. By purchasing the medicine at your pharmacy with the loved one's insurance card can be a savings from the facility pharmacy.

Please explain in detail what you are asking then we can better give you some thoughts.
Blessings Bridget
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