This may be a long shot but anyone on here in Orange County, CA using MediCal to pay for in-home care?

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Hi, My dad was approved for MediCal. He refuses to leave his home so I need in- home care to help my mom take care of him. Anyone getting care from a company that comes to the home and accepts medical?

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Hi Lookin4hlp,
Apply for IHSS (In Home Support Services). This is a state organization. They only work with patients with Medi-Cal.
There may be a share of cost (or not). They employ non-medical caregivers to help in the home.

Your dad will have an interview (you should be there) with an intake supervisor. They will ask how much help your dad needs. Do NOT say your mom can do a lot of the work.
Tip; Make a list of everything your dad needs help with, such as;
*diaper change or help in the bathroom
*light house cleaning
*grocery shopping
*transfering from wheelchair to bed or help with walker
*transportation to doctor or dental appointments....

You get the idea...anytime you do anything for your dad, you need to put it down. The more help he needs, the more hours he'll be given per month.

I've applied for IHSS for a patient of mine. I gave the supervisor a 2 page sheet of everything I did for her. He, (the supervisor/interviewer) only granted her 56 hours a month. I filed a grievance and another interviewer came and granted her 156 hrs.-ONE HUNDRED hours more than the first guy!!

The process takes a bit of time but you should have caregivers within 3-4 months. All caregivers are fingerprinted and have gone through classes.

I did this for her in San Diego, Cal. I know they have IHSS in Orange County too.
Hope this info helps.
Sue - Thank you so much. I will do this ASAP. I did apply for IHSS but they gave only 30 hours. I am waiting for them to call me back... I will take your suggestion and try for more hours. This is such a stressful situation. I wish he could get 24 hour care because my mom doesn't deal with him well and she agitates him. He needs someone around to calm him when she can't and to protect her when he gets mad...just in case

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