Hi. Has anyone used prozac for dementia? We find it extremely helpful. To not use it, is a nightmare.

ALSO, when the severe agitation sets in, if needed we give her 5mg of

MELATONIN.. another safe & effective way to see her agitation disappear.

Plz respond if you have found these meds to help or if you also use them.

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As does Abilify, seroquel, resperidol. My mom on Abilify in MC. Unbelievable difference in her since onboarding with it.
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We use melatonin but it's not melatonin directly that helps. It's the sleep that melatonin allows for. Getting enough sleep is what helps.

Prozac is a SSRI aka happy pills. They don't address dementia. They take the edge off agitation.
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