I was looking at some things about end of life preparations. I read at least 3 ways to go about the funeral. What other needs, probate, power of attorney, etc. needs done before my passing? With burial I saw things about prepaying and setting up a Totten account. Can someone help me with these things, is there an organization that helps seniors with these issues? Anyone. Thanks for looking.

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Good for you for looking ahead and being kind to those who'll you leave behind.

One huge thing is probate is not necessary! I strongly encourage you to look at living trusts. If you own real property, putting your real property in a trust can make transferring the property after your death is very easy. If the thought of going the living trust route is too much, then check with your county or municipality for a Transfer-on-Death deed, which is very easy to do. After you die, the property is transferred to the person(s) listed on the ToD deed.

You mention a Totten account. I had to look that up. Essentially you can place your financial accounts in the living trust, which will take care of Totten account. All my financial accounts (except for my IRA) are in my living trust. Your trustee can manage those accounts.

For prepaid burials, you can see a funeral home with a cemetery for information.

Moving to POAs, with everything possible in the living trust (and a trustee can take care of those items), anything left over that needs someone to handle things can be put into a Specific POA, including account numbers. Have a General POA to cover (hopefully) anything left over.

You can try a local senior center for advisors. They probably get asked these questions all the time. To learn about living trusts, try your library for how to make your own living trust. They're not hard but they're very powerful.
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