My sister is constantly finding personal property missing. I am angry with the way the administration is handling it. I would like to have a spy camera she can have on her phone.

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Are you sure it's theft or did they simply just misplace it or throw it away? Grandma for years keeps insisting people steal her stuff. 90% of the time it's under the bed or hidden away. She likes to hide things so that they can't be stolen. Then she forgets where she hid it or even that she did. One of her favorite hiding spots is the trash can. She wraps the valuable in kleenex and then puts it in the trash can. For years now I have to check the trash before emptying it. I've found wads of money and jewelry. But I have missed stuff so there's plenty of valuables at the landfill now.
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NgsEng, is the theft happening at the nursing home or a hospital? Who is the patient? Your sister, or is your sister a visitor?

It is quite common for things to be misplaced. If the patient has memory issues sometimes that person will give away their personal items to other residents in the nursing home. And there are times when the person will make up stories, it just comes with having dementia.

Or other residents, who have memory issues, will wander into the room and pick up something nice and shiny, or think the eyeglasses or jewelry is theirs. It's just happens.

The best thing is not to have anything expensive in the nursing home. If the person likes to wear jewelry, go to the thrift store and buy second hand jewelry, so if it is missing, no big deal. Even with clothing, nothing wrong with second hand clothing.

Eye glasses or hearing aid missing? Take a flash light and look under the hospital bed as the large criss-cross legs on such a bed can hide the eye glasses/hearing aids which might be standing up behind the bed leg.

The Staff will do what they can to find something that is missing. One has to remember, a nursing home the Staff is there to care for the patient, not spend valuable time looking for misplaced items.

Sorry, spy cameras are usually not allowed due to privately reasons. That should be in the patient's admission papers.
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