The nursing home and Medicaid both reqested the life insurance policy for my father who signed himself in the home. What should I do?

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Beside the fact it was a week after his death and through facebook more a less how I found out he passed. When I asked about the insurance policy. I was informed that he had no insurance. What should I do?

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Insurance policies with cash value are a considered an asset by Medicaid, and thus may have been spent down. He may longer have had it in force when he died.

If he died a week before you even found out about his death, I take it you weren't very involved in his life or his care. Who handled the burial or cremation? Could that be why the NH was interested in his policy? Did he perhaps make them the beneficiary for this purpose?

Do you remember the company the policy was with? Are you any only child? If not, do any of your siblings know anything about this?
As far as I am aware, Medicaid does not ask to be a beneficiary. Here in NJ you have to cash a policy in. It can be used for prepaying a funeral. Balance goes towards the spend down. If I am wrong, I would think Medicaid requested a copy when he filed for Medicaid. If an insurance policy is found, unless a spouse is the beneficiary, the beneficiary is not liable for any debts.
Check his checkbook to see if he was still paying premiums. Does he have a safe deposit where he put important papers? Why does the home think there is an insurance policy? Do they have info on it or r they just assuming.
I was not involved with him after he went in to the nursing home. He wasn't a pleasant person. God rest his soul, I know now it was not about anyone or anything except him coming to peace with himself and with God. After the rehabilitation and when entering the home they were back and forth with me getting 3 months back bank statements. They were very specific stating any house notes utility bill, phone, credit card ect.. Would not be paid. Also for the next 3 or 5 years not sure which, he was in able to sell, give, or trade his home, medicaid regulations. The one and only "bill" they were concerned with was the life insurance policy. Both medicaid and the home requested it.
I havemy Moms house up for sale. While on Medicaid I was to get Market Value. If it had been sold, Mom would go off Medicaid until the money was spent down at which time u file for Medicaid again. Now she is gone I need to get enough for the house to pay Medicaid and back taxes.
You haven't said if Dad has a policy or not. What makes them think he does? Did he retire with a policy with his Employer? If so, Medicaid could not touch it because the employer paid for it. If there is...Medicaid should be paid but I don't think the Home should be. They were paid by Medicaid unless they can get the difference. In Moms situation she private paid 9600 a month. Went on Medicaid. Her income was $1700 a month and Medicaid paid $2000 a month. If you know of an insurance policy you may need help determaining if Medicaid or the home are entitled to it. Like I said, there is a difference if you pay for ur own on your employer holds it. Please get back to us with what happens.
The insurance Information Institute (iii dot org) has 12 steps to finding out if there is an existing insurance policy. I hope this helps you .

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