The neurologist believes my mother has Lewy body dementia, has anyone had any experiences of using Aricept for this type of dementia? Does it actually help. My mother is already overloaded with medications and is resistent to taking the ones she has. When do we say enough and just let go?

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I wish Jeanne was in today, since she is an expert on LBD. LBD tends to respond will to medicines such as Aricept, so I have a feeling it is worth a try. There can be many side effects with Aricept, but many people do well on it. Sometimes doctors start out at too high a dose (10 mg), instead of the smaller 5 mg dose. This can give many people problems, so the smaller dose is better until the body becomes accustomed. Some people also double dose on it, which can cause sickness that lasts a day or two.

Anyway... I would say it is worth a try. People with LBD still have much ability to enjoy life. The drug may be able to help him do that. If you check online, there is information about LBD and the use of dementia medications. Knowing both the potential good and bad will help you to make decisions if it is a good drug to try.
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