I'm caregiving to a love one and already a POA for Finances. However, the Doctor suggest for me to also be the Medical POA. How is Medical POA different from Financial POA? I thought if one is appointed Financial POA, that was all we needed. Also is it costly? They are elderly with minimal income and an Attorney can get costly. Any advice for me?

A medical POA is exactly what it says. It handles medical situations only. You will make decisions for your loved ones health. Your loved one will most likely not be able to chose what medical procedures to have or not have done. While it will be your job to make sure that your loved one only receives medical care based on what is in their best interest and you may have to decide if the risk outweighs the benefits.
Financial POA is for finances only.
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I hope you're in Texas? This is the correct form from your state's website. It includes guidance notes.
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ELHouston Aug 8, 2020
Thank you, this is exactly what I needed and will use this form to get medical POA.
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Great answers here. Another thing while your at it is dad's end of life choice too, ie DNR. Medical Poa was a life saver when MIL had a major heart attack. SILs arguing in er, she needs this, that and the other, do a valve replacement, put in a pacemaker. On a 90 year old woman who would not survive anesthesia. I made 3 copies of medical poa naming her son(my husband) informed staff he was on his way. Told staff I had orginal with me if they needed to see it. Nurse said thank God, nope, this will work. Proceeded to give each one of his sisters a copy too which shut down some of the chaos. You will be able to make sound medical decisions for them when they are unable to. One of her last er visits er doc wanted to do invasive testing, asked him why, so he could get her into surgery, told him no, she's not a candidate for surgery, he was rather upset that we had paperwork with us that allowed husband to speak on her behalf, following her directives.
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It is a form that is similar to the financial POA only for medical care.

I used the form from my state's attorney general website for my dad and I have never had a problem. It was free. You just want to have it notarized to ensure that you are not questioned about their ability to understand what they were signing. A notary will ask them what they are signing, so make sure they understand what it is.

I told my dad that it gave me the authority to make sure that his wishes were followed.
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Financial POA gives you the authority to pay bills and deal with monetary and other assets, Medical POA gives you the authority to make medical decisions and bee a full partner in all decisions regarding medication, PT, medical procedures and if setting up a care plan for home care or in a facility - they are not the same thing at all.
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Laws differ a bit state by state but this is basically part of the Advanced Health Care Directive. Your Doctor should be able to give you the forms downloaded, and if not any social worker for your state can. You will have to have notarization almost certainly. This gives you access to doctors who are not free to speak with people due to HIPPA rules without this. It will allow you to get medical information and to make decisions for your loved one when he or she is unable to do so and will give you access to medical information you would not otherwise have. If your loved one has a will written you may already be designated as the medical POA. Google the information for your state. In California I am with Kaiser Hospital, and they have the free forms online to download.
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Your LO has to assign you however if dementia is too far then you can go the court route which will cost $3000 to 4000 in legal fees. As POA you can have her account pay for legal fees. The doctor is telling you this because he is ready to fill out the paperwork for this to come together.

IF this cannot be done, wait, and the LO is hospitalized, if a social worker suggests LTC, then again you can use the doctor. As far as medical, if the LO can no longer speak, then someone usually in the family can act as spokesperson without the paperwork.

Also are you willing to take over all accounts and determine where this person will live
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