My mom said she was in therapy and they removed her glasses. They never gave them back and now they are lost. Who is responsible. They are saying SHE lost them. She can't walk so I don't see how. She only goes to therapy and to her room...

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My Mom lost her glasses the first week in the AL. She had left them in an empty room they used for a demo. I took a picture of them. Front and side. One day I was looking at her and something just wasn't right. Her glasses were square, not oval. Found out she had her hair done that day and the stylus (my GF actually) had mixed the glasses up. GF remembered who had been there at same time as Mom and they just exchanged glasses.

You really can't blame the facility completely. They allow residents to wander and they go into other peoples rooms and take what is out in the open. I would thought keep on them about Moms glasses. Don't just tell the nurses desk, in list the aides. If Mom has a roomate see if they are in her side drawer.
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I buy a big 6 pack of reading glasses every 6 months from Sam's or CVS or Amazon in 3.00+ for mthr. She loses them but I figure other folks can wear them just as well. In a care home, accessories are for the community as much as they are for our individuals.
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Daughteris6, one time my Mom had misplaced her glasses. After a lot of searching and days later, I brought in a flashlight to the nursing home so I could look under the bed.

Sure enough, there were Mom's glasses laying up against a large brace under her hospital bed, one could barely seen them even with a flashlight. So keep looking.
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First speak with the manager of the center and give them an opportunity to find them

This is tricky but I advise you read the contract signed on admission to find out what their liability is. Often in the paperwork the rehab/NH will have language about these type of situations and won’t pay for replacement if glasses or hearing aides are lost while a person is a resident.

Brace yourself but you may have to take a loss. Why would they have taken your mother’s glasses off if she needs them to see?

Your mom could have forgotten what happened to the glasses and blame the staff with no malice intended.
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