Thank you all for your advise in the past. As of late when Mom breathes she has this wheeze. Is this another aspect of dementia?

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It simply blows my mind. My mom with her forgetting within the hour that she had a bowel movement. And she will argue she hasn't gone and if I'm not careful turns into an anxiety attack on her part with bad outbursts, but then it subsides and all is forgotten. The Bayer 81mg helps calm her down. As of late when she breathes she has this wheeze, put an ointment like Vicks on her and goes away. We were just at the doctor and her lungs are clear. Is this another aspect of dementia?

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Willy, have you spoken to the doctor about mom's anxiety and agitation? Is she on an antidepressant?

So, if she says, " oh my, I haven't had a bm", do you say "yes you did?"

If that causes and argument ( because you are denying HER reality) can you say " oh mom, are you feeling uncomfortable? I'm sure you'll have one soon. Would you like a cup of tea?" She may get less fixated if you don't oppose her thinking.

If she is wheezing, I would call the doctor and ask for advice.  Pneumonia can come on very quickly.
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Obviously the aspirin and vicks are only acting as placebos. And I agree with Barb, the wheezing needs to be evaluated.
Is the wheezing happening at night or early morning or when she is laying down and just getting up? Does it happen with exertion? It could be a chronic lung disease or heart disease. Wheezing is abnormal if she never had it before. Vicks is useless and aspirin can be harmful in the elderly. Try paying attention to time of day and her activity when she wheezes to report to the doctor.
There's another probably little known aspect of wheezing. While I would either go to urgent care or the ER if you can't get a which appointment with a PCP or pulmonary doctor, think about her diet.

Vegetables and fruits produced by Big Agra are contaminated with pesticides. When I began wheezing after eating nonorganic cukes in the winter time, I did some research and found that one of the major pesticides can have this effect.

I don't recall the specific chemical; might have be permethrin, and my data base of nonorganic foods is unavailable to me right now so I can't tell you for sure which pesticide it was.

Washing and scrubbing cukes with soap didn't change anything. Pesticides can be absorbed into the fruit and contaminate the whole thing.

But if she eats any nonorganic produce and fruits, do check out the Dirty Dozen. The Environmental Working Group has excellent information on pesticides in food.

And if you don't have a doctor who recognizes how contaminated the American food supply is, don't even bother asking about the pesticides. He/she would probably pooh-pooh this idea. A holistic practitioner would give you better answers. But discontinue the fresh fruits or produce and test them one to one to see which triggers a wheezing response.

Or, as I wish I could do and don't have the facilities yet, create a greenhouse and grow your own fruits and veggies, but that's a major change in house configuration if you want to switch to a completely organic food supply. You could also buy organic food at stores - that's easier.
The pesticide in our food is definately a possibility. I have ashtma and have to watch what I eat because of this also eliminate foods with MSG (mono sodium glutamate) if you can. Like was said do a diary of foods eaten, emotional stress levels etc. Anxiousness can and does cause wheezing. They can breathe too fast and wheezing and hyperventilation can occur. Play a breathe deep and slow blow out game..... at a feather or right at me, or simply a "blow that fear away". Smile and ask if that deep breathe feels better?
My mom would wake panting and I got her to do it. Finally she'd close her eyes on a long blow out and go back to sleep. Eventually she caught herself when she saw me coming and started blowing. I'd pretend to get blown back wards and she would smile then.

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