Both my parents have dementia, and we've moved them into an assisted living facility about 6 months ago. My siblings & I have decided it is time to sell the home, and have begun to clear out the contents. Should we tell out parents (who may or may not remember what we tell them from one day (or hour) to the next) that we are going to sell the house? Will it upset them, confuse them, or will they understand? Should we take them to the house to see it one last time (even though it looks empty without the furniture they now have with them at the assisted living facility)?

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My personal opinion is no, don't tell them. No, don't bring them back for a final look.

If they were in ALF because they had copd or cancer, maybe. But with dementia I think it would be confusing at best and painful at worst. Who would you expect to benefit from them knowing this? How would telling them contribute to their joy or comfort? This isn't going to change their daily life in any way, is it? Why do they need to know?

There are many degrees and stages of dementia, and there probably isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. But if they are no longer able to live independently and you have full authority to make financial transactions on their behalf, then I'm guessing they are at a point where they don't need a lot of behind-the-scenes details.
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