She has been a NH for almost 2 months, now. She has a been diagnosed w/ mild dementia, has a history a psychosis. Has been in a Mental Health facility for 3 months, then transferred to a NH for the last 2 months. We are in the Medicaid spendown mode and will be forced to sell her home soon.
Do we even tell her that we are doing this? While it seems very deceiving, it will break her heart.
She constantly asks, when is she going home or getting out of this place. We just keep telling her its Doctors orders for now...

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Do not second guess your decision to put Mom in a facility. I’m sure it’s not one you made casually and/or quickly. The facility where my mom was took wonderful care of her. It was clean, bright and the people were friendly and kind. She was always well-fed. Her room was cleaned every day. Her clothes were laundered, brought back to her room and hung in her wardrobe. She got regular manicures and had monthly in-house hair salon visits. There were daily discussion groups over coffee and weekly activities. If I ever had any questions, there was always someone who could answer them. Everyone involved with her attended the Care Conference meetings.

I was content to know she was safe and well-cared for.
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Like said, fib. Tell her when the doctor says she is ready. Let her be mad at him. I would not tell her you need to sell the house. As her Dementia progresses, "home" could be where she grew up not the last place she lived.

She is now in a safe place. A lot of responsibility will be taken off your hands.
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Daughters12345 Aug 27, 2018
Can you get someone to stay at her home. NH are lonely, depressing place. .
It's called therapeutic fibbing. Just keep telling her that the doctor has ordered that she stay until she gets stronger.

Do you have the legal documents you need to sell her home?
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Daughters12345 Aug 27, 2018
NH is like holding place to die. May not be dementia. Could be imbalances, like sodium. Could be infections or medications side effects.
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