I recently went to my local SSA office to report money I received as a beneficiary. I was told I didn't need to report it because: A) The insurance policy I benefitted from was in my deasesed mom's name, not mine. And B) My eligiblety for SSDI is based on my previous, though limitted, work history, not HRA benefits, so I'm excluded from having to report. Well, now I'm just totally confused and dont know who to report what to. Am I required to report this money to Medicade/Medicare (QMB)? And if so, how much trouble could I be in for reporting this now, 11 months "after" receiving and spending all they money? What documents would I need to submit now? Since receiving the 5 digit sum in check form 11 months ago, I have spent all of the money in cash spending an cash purchases. I have no records, receipts, credit card statement, etc. to show how the money was spent. Will this add to the gravity of my potential consequences ?

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As you have found out, Social Security could care less because your SSDI was earned by you and is not needs based. You should let the office that handles your QMB payments of your Medicare premium by the state to Social Security know about the payment. The 2017 resource limit for a single person is $7390. I didn't look up the 2016 limits. You were probably supposed to report it within a certain time of receipt. Look at your last award letter about your routine renewal for QMB. It would tell you what and when you have to report changes. I'm guessing you quickly got down below the $7390 limit (or the 2016 limit). Don't panic, just report it now. Provide a copy of the statement that came with the insurance check that shows the date, amount, and what it was for. Hold on to what you have left in case the state tries to collect back the Medicare premiums it paid for you.
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