Dad's showing many end of life signs (not eating, rarely opens his eyes, unresponsive, muscles constricting, bedsores) and I want him to know it's ok for him to go. I've told him that yes we'll miss him, but he did a good job and we'll be ok. But since he's deaf I don't know if this does any good.
We have hospice and they're very helpful, but I've not found anyone who can answer this question.

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Thanks teaka123. We too were using a dry erase board, but now that he's not opening his eyes or, as you said, when he does he isn't really present, I wasn't sure how to handle it. I still talk to him as I'm touching him even though he can't hear. I figure the feelings might be passed through if not the words.
Sorry for your recent loss and thanks again for taking the time to respond.
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My thoughts will be with you as you go through this with your dad. My mom was not hearing either. When she entered the hospital we brought a wipe board and dry erase markers with us. It worked better than her hearing aid. We used it for telling her what was going on. And later just words like "always" and "forever". This may not be helpful if he is not opening his eyes. When she wasn't opening her eyes or when she did and wasn't present I would just gently pet her face - each eyebrow, earlobe, lips, nose, etc. She passed as I was doing this 2 1/2 weeks ago. I believe touch worked for both of us.
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How have you been telling Dad other things since he became deaf?
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