I filled mom’s tax stuff out in March. I received the state back but the federal wanted a death certificate and a 1013 filled out in April. I did that but still have not heard anything. Should I be worried or should I call someone? The nursing home is who will be receiving it and they have been overly patient. I hate to tell them yet again this month they have to wait.

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You can call IRS and ask.
Just explain again to nursing home administrator. What else can you do?
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I have no idea if you should be worried, I can't image why doesn't sound like we are talking about a lot of money but I suggest you call the IRS. I know it's a PIA but have all the information in front of you including a copy of the forms you sent in (hopefully you made copies) and her SS/tax ID # and stay on hold until someone in front of a computer can tell you where it is in the process and why it's taking so long. If there is a case worker name on the letter you received asking for the death certificate start with that person at least that should get you to the right office. Good luck! Sorry for your loss...
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