for low income senior if give the given the opportunity I will be able to pay more after I'm settle in a safe place so that I can get on my feet I get SSB of 905 right now but will be able to work part time at home using my computer in a safe place. I am interested in real estate investing although I myself don't have the money to do it I've learned different way that I can get start without using your own money. I want to come to Las vegas where there are other senior my age who have interests in a new career but not necessarily full time
I a good person, I'm a member of the Unity Christanity Church, and I'm very creative in my efforts to increase my income and quality of living and life style.
Thanks Gale McKenze

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Hi Gale,
You should probably check with your social services to see what you qualify for. You can also go to your state's Web site and look under some version of "aging services." I don't know if you intend to move out of state or if you are right now in NV. You should also contact your Social Security people to see what they say and how you can be helped. If you go to you will find information. Remember to type in .gov and not .com or you may get a scam site.

Good luck,
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