My sister-in-law has virtually NO short term memory. My brother passed a couple of days ago, and I think we've decided not to bring her to the burial 10 hours away. She now occasionally asks where her husband is, even though she's been told. What do you think?

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I agree with both of you. My sister in law lives in NC and he will be buried in Florida. I've told her daughter and son-in-law that if she asks and is aware at the time that there was a funeral, they can tell her she attended it. She has always been feisty, and now it's even worse. Thx for your responses, I guess I wanted some validation. :)
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If she can't remember what she's being told about the death, I'm not sure I would continue to tell her. She's getting this painful news over and over as if it's the first time. I'd have to come up with an alternative. And how is she supposed to benefit from the funeral if she won't recall what happened and why she's there?

With dementia, imo, the person, depending on their progression is not going to benefit from things that they can not process. There is no way that I would do it, even if it were a mile away. Not only would I be concerned about her mental anguish, but the comfort level of others in attendance at a funeral.
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Why would you transport a dementia patient 10 hours for ANYTHING?

In short, no.
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