Mom 75 me 50. I'm mom's only child she left dad when I was six years old and it's been her and I ever since. Sounds a bit disfunctional in print, lol. But I've led a somewhat normal life. She pushed me to have my own life. She never made me feel guilty when I moved out or when I went to college. She's always been my best friend. So when her health got to where she needed help I didn't hesitate. I'm single and in between jobs seemed like a good time. After the first year I noticed that her mind was going pretty fast. But she always maintained her humor and her intelligence. The beginning of the second year she got really sick and ended up going to a temporary rehab to get her strength back. Instead she would decline the PT if I wasn't there and after 90 days she was weaker than when she started. Once back in her apartment she seemed to bounce back. The PT came to her and it was more relaxed. Pretty soon she was walking with her walker. That seemed like her goal cuz then she stopped walking and doing much of anything. I pushed, we'd fight. The last month she got really sick but refused medical help. Since I don't have power of attorney and she answers their questions they said they couldn't force her to go. Two days later she can't make it to her portable toilet. Long story short Adult Protecive

So, is APS accusing YOU of neglecting mom?

Or are they showing up and saying that shes not getting the care she needs?

Your post got cut off, but it may be that whatever medical provider she refused help from contacted APS so as to force her to get medical aid. That would be a good thing, yes?

Make sure you understand what it is that APS is trying to accomplish. I agree that you need a lawyer IF you are being accused of neglect.
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Your post got cut off.

Who called protective services. Why do they feel you were neglectful. If you have no control over Mom what do they think you could have done.
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I agree with Grandma. Go through legal aid if you have to, but get an attorney.
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If I get the gist of what is going on..
It sounds like your Mom needs more help and since you do not have POA and she has not been declared incompetent there is not much more that you can do unless she is declared incompetent or gives you POA.
It might be time to get an Elder Care attorney. If this goes to court the court will appoint a Guardian and it may be determined that she may not be able to return to her home. (tough spot for you if you are living with her and your name is not on the deed to the property)
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