i'm 72, retired, a Vet., have had double lung transplant 3 yrs ago, just regaining strength after a fall that broke my arm, fractured my pelvis,and dislocated my hip joint-so one leg rides 1" higher than the other giving me a pretty good limp. I have $10,000 in bank from sale of whole life ins. policy,another with $8,000 cash value-when that goes - that's all-except the $1,700/mo S/S. I've been living on credit cards the last 5 yrs. $40,000 in credit card debt. My 55 yr. old daughter thinks she can support us both but, I feel the stress would be the end. Don't know where to turn. If I keep paying the cards the min. not only will I die before their pd, off, I'll be totally broke. My 10 yr.old Dodge is my only asset. I've found a place for $500/mo + utilities that's ok. I'm just sort of lost. Right now my credit is "good", but that will change soon, as my cash runs out.

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