Where do I start? I need to have a life. Taking care of my mom is bringing me down. I love her but I'm missing a lot with my teenagers. I need someone to help me with mom

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I feel your pain...I take care of both of my parents and have 3 kids ages 7 to 1. It's so hard to balance it. I have looked at nursing homes for my mom, but she doesn't have a lot of income and unless she's been hospitalized, there's a very long waiting list for Medicare to just admit her to a nursing home. My father isn't far gone enough for a nursing home, but he could do Assisted Living. But he has the same problem as my mom - he doesn't have a lot of income. Maybe it's time for you start looking at the same - you shouldn't feel guilty about any decision to place her somewhere. You have cared for her, done your best, but this is how I feel: My parents have lived their lives, my children are just getting started. It's unfair of me to devote more time to my parents than my children. I'm doing the best I can for my parents right now, but my children are my priority. Good luck...if you find a way to reclaim your life and continue with your mom, please share your solution!
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