I have a 30 year old that I report to. I am 54. At first back last year in July, she was panicked (spelling) , and found me and loved me, and never really took the time to care for the details of her mother's life.

Now, she decided to make me her employee rather than do what we agreed and NO NO CONTRACT I HAVE LEARNED THAT IS A MUST (LadeeC) :-) but on we move to about February, and she states, I have been secretly video taping you and my mother just to see how you too react, and wanted to let you know I am pleased. Really, pleased,?????? and she said , oh by the way, I didn't find anything wrong. Well, that is great N. but guess what, I would have walked out that minute, but I guess there is a sucker in every bunch and her mother would have become a victim and abandoned if I did that 65 early adult alzheimer. So …. nicolle is a bully, a bi polar bully, and now decided that when I TOLD her I was charging a one hour minimum, she laughed and said good luck finding people to work for you. She should not have said that. I have two new customers and am planning on leaving.

What is the most tactful way to leave, I am ready to give my notice, I owe her nothing. She owes me about $500.0 but that I have to look back and wash away. This has been the worst situation of a 30 year old whom lies, she is the one whom told me she was an attorney and is a receptionist at a law firm. I have been able to cope because I pretend she is not around. I believe firmly she has bi polar, and I feel bad, but I have to do what is right for me. I drive 22 miles for a 3 hour job 5 days a week. That is 40 miles in gas, when I ask for mileage reimbursement for the first time, because I felt, if this woman is going to get camera's and the reason she got them is for her mother's alzheimer's, that is good, but bad.. Why isn't she in assisted living. I am done being used. I found two clients that will happily use my services, and not put me down for everything. She has changed week by week, and I just don't need it. Please do all you whom are younger, it is not the age, although in this case I emphasis it, it is the way she came across at first, at the interview meeting like a mature person, and is nothing more than a grown child, which she admits.

She took one day away from me, so that is one less day, and not money to do anything with. I could have a job at night paying 1/2 close to home and make more.

So . . . . my QUESTION: How do I let her know I am leaving professionally, without much notice, because that is the way my jobs have worked out. Remember, she has told me on a friday she didn't need me for two weeks. She has already written a nice reference in February. Most people I talk to in person totally understand. But, I don't go into the detail, I just state as time moved on her mother needed different care. This is the woman that I got in the beginning and 9 month's later she has a social calendar that is so full. This was my requirement. I am not sure if I feel it is the best, but it is what it is, and I need to protect myself. I am not a person that gives my time for free. Do many of you say or do 2 hour minimums, or 1 hour minimums?

Thank you and in advance I thank you for overlooking the typographical errors, I am tired and very upset over this, however I had two great interviews to the point that I have accepted them on a conditional basis (conditional that after two meetings, we will both sit down and see if there is a fit)?

Basically, I need your support and various answers. Thank you for all being yourself.


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thank you, I will look into that. I appreciate your answer.
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Two weeks is a very common notice period. Give the notice in writing. You do not have to go into detail about the reasons. Avoid any accusations; try to leave on good terms.

If you need help in wording this brief letter, Google letter of resignation, and read some samples.
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One major detail left out. The mother is 65 year old early adult Alzheimer's Disease Advanced Stage
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