Mom (Alzheimer’s) gets social security, retirement pension from formerly AT&T, survivor benefits from Dad’s US Navy retirement from WWII, and some small investment stocks TIAA. I am able to use online, web resources, etc. but am in VIrginia while he’s with Mom In GA. Paying in-home care givers 24/7 is draining the $$ rapidly and consolidating her financial assets would make this managing cash pay roll each week less complicated. Ideas? Must be a process? Any advice appreciated!! BettyinVA

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Each entity will want to see the POA papers, often originals or certified and notarized copies. For Social Security, unless it is going to be deposited directly into a trust account for the mother it is a whole seperate process and not easy to get made the POA over where her Social Security will be, including MD papers to say that the mother can no longer be in charge of this because she is too demented to do so. It is one at a time for doing this and it is not easy. Go to the bank that has the account you would like to consolidate all her money into with the original POA papers, and they will give you some direction. Make an appointment with someone at the bank. The teller cannot do this; it is more complicated than that. You can also write each pension fund saying that --rather your BROTHER can as this must be done by the person with power of attorney, and say that the mother is in now in care for dementia and the brother is her POA. Ask them what papers are required. Then go about, one at a time, getting these papers. If Social Security is being direct deposited into your account there should be no problem paying out of that account for her care with the power of attorney once it is registered. Given that this is sounding as though you are as much in the dark as I was when I took over POA for brother, and Trustee of his Trust, I would ask that you both be together, work together, see an Elder Care Attorney for an hour together and get this done one thing as a time. Keep copies of everything, and very careful records. I keep my folders for my bro in a 12 bottle wine box, and I think I needed every one of those 12 bottles before I was done. One thing at a time. Deep breath and on you go.
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His POA should allow him to call each place and change the info. If they refuse, find out what they need to be able to make the change.
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