Where do I go to find out what is available to me?

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In addition to searching the resources here on, the website provides an overview of pension benefits.

If you need care at home or in assisted living, the Aid & Attendance pension can help cover costs.

In my state (Massachusetts) each city and town has a Veterans Agent who is devoted to helping veterans and their families navigate the system. Your town's council on aging or ASAP can also connect you to good information.
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Judie, the best place to start is the VA, or one of the offices with VA accredited assistance status. The latter could be either with the State or your local County. These officers know what's available, can help you assess your situation, income, and how it might affect what you can get.

Another alternative is to ask for assistance from one of the veterans' service organizations, such as the VFW or American Legion. I've found though that it's not easy to get in touch with them by phone, and meeting with them in person is a lot more effective.

If you're just applying for medical benefits, that's a lot easier. But with higher and more varied assistance, the criteria become more complicated to follow and decipher as well as integrate with income factors.

Are you able to get to the local VA or a local VA County office to get started on the process? You'll need to bring your husband's DD 214 for verification.

One thing I emphasize strongly: avoid the so-called companies that offer to help, for free. They may "help" for free, but they will ask for information on your financial situation, and from what I've learned, they then try "help" to reallocate your financial assets with a company affiliated with them. Thus, they gain control of your portfolio.

A federal statute prevents asking for payment to help qualify for VA benefits, so these companies have found a way around it.

The VA itself, the AL and VFW do NOT charge to provide assistance.
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