Need assistance with grocery shopping in the arroyo grande area My 95-year-old father-in-law living a few miles outside Arroyo Grande has decided recently to stop driving. I would like to know if there is any support to help him shop for groceries. At this point it even be someone who drives him into town and back allowing him to do his own shopping once they reach the market.

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Contact your local senior center and ask if they have shopping trips.

I found this for you:

805-473-4900 Phone - Arroyo Grande South County Seniors

Some contract to rent small bus vans that make weekly trips to pick up seniors, take them to one or other of the local chain supermarkets, then return them home.

A new twist is that the two local chains in our area have instituted limited (perhaps on a try-out basis) curbside pickup. Someone calls in the order and picks up the groceries, paying at the curb. If you live close to him, this might be an option; it wouldn't be as time consuming as in-store shopping for both of you.

Another option is to get Meals on Wheels for him, or to get delivery service from someplace like Schwanns (bit on the expensive side though).

You can also call the United Way helpline, 211, and ask about transportation for your FIL.

Some agencies will also provide this; there probably would be minimum hours, such as 3 hours per visit.
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