My mother (81) recently has fallen and is in is experiencing memory loss and dementia. She is in rehab and going to assisted living. As she has been very abusive to me all my life in many ways (neglect, verbal abuse and used me as her punching bag), I have dealt with the situation through therapy and distance. Now, going back into it again, seeing her more, has bought back past abuse along with the new abuse. She puts me down every chance she gets, has made my brother POA, given him yet another SUV and most of her possessions as she is going into assisted living. I was offered several items only after my brother took what he wanted first. The list goes on and on. I don't really exist I guess in her mind or have any needs and my brother takes all he can get. It's not of course the money, it's how it's handled, which makes me feel worthless and of course that is the intent. I have become really super depressed again and feel bad whenever I am around her. or my brother. I really feel guilty, but I can't be involved, I really just want run, not walk from these family dynamics, my life was so much better when I had little to no contact, I have to set new boundaries and I am looking for support groups. Does anyone know of support groups? Thanks.

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