Is it possible to sue my father for caregiver Compensation? I know I would have to sue his estate, and that my mother's life insurance money he received can't be touched.

For reference I know I will be able to have at least (maybe more) 3 Dr's testify that I was my mother's full time caregiver. Along with family, my late mothers friends and ect. I was her primary caregiver for a little over 4 years.

For even more details, my father is emotionally and verbally abusive towards my mother and my sibling and I. After my mother passed away it turned 100% on me. I ended up having to pretty much leave with very little to my name. I no longer speak to him, but feel like I should be compensated for being my mom's caregiver. I didn't work for those 4 years due to all the medical issues my mom had.

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How can you sue if you essentially agreed to be his caregiver? No one held a gun to your head.

It is unfortunate that you were not compensated. Many caregivers are not paid.

So sorry about your circumstances but I think it would be more productive to focus on acceptance and moving forward in your life.

Treat it as a learning experience. Perhaps check into counseling to help with learning coping skills.

I wish you well.
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No. It is very unlikely you would win such a case. Whether you are working for your parents or others, without an employment agreement, payment and taxes being paid there is no proof of any agreement for payment.
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I'm sorry for your loss and that you have an emotionally and verbally abusive father.

As far as suing for compensation, good luck! I'm sorry, but no written contract between you and your mother, no money.
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