My mother (Parkinson's w/moderate dementia) has been in the hospital for five days, and as expected, there's been some mental setback. Yesterday, for a good hour, she thoroughly engrossed herself in sorting, stacking, arranging, and rearranging cups, food containers, eyeglasses, a tissue box, etc. like it was her job.

She's being discharged to a rehab today, and I'd like to bring her some things to keep her hands and mind busy (her usual inclination is to stare at the TV 24/7). Most of the dementia "toys" I'm seeing online seem like they're for more advanced cases, and I think she might feel insulted if I try to give them to her.

Any suggestions? She doesn't read anymore and never liked coloring.

Can you bring her a basket of socks to sort and fold? Or washclothes?

Something else. Watch a Kon Marie video with her and practice folding a pile of tee shirts using that method.
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