My 89 year old mother is living close by in her own apartment. About 3 weeks ago she began accusing family members of breaking into her apartment and moving things around, taking batteries out of her remotes, and other nuisance related behaviors, in an attempt to make her feel as if she is losing it. She is not threatening to call the police on family members. I attempted to assure her that I will help her get to the bottom of this situation and have changed locks, added additional locks, brought my dog over, changed code on her alarm, etc. with no avail. Now she is threatening to call the police on an innocent family member. I am call for a Dr.'s appt. today and hope I receive some answers, but not sure what to do if there are no answers to situation.

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Charlie - My mom is 89 as well and started this behavior about 18 months ago. It only got worse and paranoia; accusations were the same for family members (myself included!). It continues to be distressing and disheartening but we all cope with it; acknowledge her feelings but then have a good laugh about it among ourselves. Sorry to say this will only escalate (as it has with my mom). There is no settying her straight or getting her "out of this accusatory loop". I suggest taking her to the doctor. I did (internist familiar with seniors; senior nuerologist and she was tested and diagnosed with moderate dementia and mild start "Alzheimers". At 89; I think this can be expected. Doctor did not believe it was medications although he acknowledged some narcotic meds (vicadin, codeine, etc.) can aggravate and make it much worse to unsafe.

My mom has contacted police a couple times about theft, family and neighbors but they told her there was no basis for her accusations; she had them call me to confirm her stories and I told them the truth plus that she has dementia and they have it on her record so when she kept calling -- they were nice to her; but dismissed her account.

My mom is on Aricept for the dementia (started 6 mo ago). I can't say it has helped but hasn't hurt as I'm not sure how much worse she would be without it. She lives independently and is able to keep up with most daily activities and bills. Good luck and keep posting and let us know the outcome.
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