do any of you have such a place where you live. I've checked our area and everything is for my Mom and nothing for me. There are some services that will come in and help with her laundry, bath, etc but i'm talking about a place where I can go for an hour or so and just "chill", put my feet up, perhaps get a message, go into a quiet room and pray, and just hang out with folks just like me. I'm going to start a movement in my county for such a place as this. please give me feedback.


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I like your addition to what I had in mind A place that not only had services for caregivers but that also had "eldercare". I will add that to my list.

I'm meeting with a Dr. in my area that likes my idea of a caregiver support center. perhaps we can get something started in our area that will spread to other areas. the way i have it outlined will be cost effective.
thanks for responding.
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Your idea for a caregiver support center is a good one. There are support groups, but it is hard to get to them at a certain time. I wish there was a place where we could go that had "eldercare" where we could bring our elder and have them supervised, and the caregiver could go into another area , like a fitness center, with hair salon, massage, comfy chairs, some exercise equipment.
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