Has anyone had a parent who was non ambulatory, broke a hip and had hip surgery to repair the femoral neck break and walk again?
My Mother spent 3 mo in hosp for taking bad pain pills she got on the internet for spinal infection. Long story short she refused to cooperate with PT and she refused to cooperate with rehab so she never did get back on her feet. She stayed in bed for 3 months at the hospital then another 5 months at the assisted living facility. ALF took her in w/ hopes they could get her back on her feet. She eventually got out of bed and went to a wheel chair. She is in a diaper and has mild cognitive decline, otherwise quite sharp and aware. She has since then fallen out of bed in the middle of the night, she would scoot down past the rails and slip right
down. She did this several times so we do not know when her hip was fractured because she has always complained of pain.

Early February an x-ray tech went to ALF and took copies of her hip and sure enough it was broken. We just saw the orthopedic surgeon and I am currently waiting for
Dr to advise the next step. Mom wants to do surgery she feels she will be able to walk again. Will she?

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A critical part of hip surgery for elders is rehab. You've indicated that mom was not interested in a prior experience. My mom at 83, had hip replacement and I was worried about read due to her lifelong depression, but she did very well and is up and around better than she has been for years. You may have to consider her pain level with a broken hip. Even if she doesn't respond to rehab should she have the surgery for pain and general health issues. Tough question,
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