Or an environment in which to continue my recovery and need help. Thank you .I had my stroke Feb 9, 2013 and am trying to heal. I am currently living with family, but in order to keep from losing my job (I'm an IT professional for Tulsa County), I'm in need of a more stable, professional environment in which to continue my recovery.
I'm hoping that with God's help I can locate a facility in which I can both heal and maintain my career.
I greatly appreciate any help you folks might be able to give me.

I'm pretty much independent, but require assistance with issues such as housekeeping, meals and laundry. In addition I need access to a walk-in shower or sit down tub, as I cannot yet get into/out of a bathtub by myself.

Thanks very much in advance and God bless you all.


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Have you thought about finding a nice place to live, not assisted living, just a nice apartment and finding a caregiver agency to come in to help with what you need? Cleaning, cooking and assistance with shower? Most of the agencies in my area charge about $20.00 an hour with a three hour minimum. If someone were to come in three hours a day times seven days about 1800 a month? I would imagine that your insurance would cover some of it. And perhaps family would come in for part of the time? Or perhaps you would be able to have a caregiver come in just three times a week, fix dinner enough for you to have leftovers the following night.
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Go up to Search Site and enter Tulsa,OK. Lots of information will pop up.
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