My dad has been diagnosed with severe OCD in his later life around 50. He was always a worrier but as he aged he’s had bouts of severe symptoms of the illness. He is now 70 and going through a bad time with the illness. He is able to eat, bathe on his own, but myself and my mom don’t leave him alone because his OCD has limited his ability to function independently. We don’t let him go for walks because he will walk into street. If we let him go by himself into a store he might get confused and not find his way back, He has intrusive thoughts that are very debilitating. He looks for reassurance constantly it drives us mad. He believes he’s going to dr all the time, when there are no appointments, he just doesn’t believe us. Of course he is taking a new antidepressant that he started, a few months ago but the dr say it’s takes months for it to work. I guess his illness would be more manageable for us if he stopped repeating and looking for reassurance. Do any of you have tips or experience with someone who repeats and look for reassurance? It is so difficult because no matter how much we reasssure him or provide evidence to the contrary he comes up with something to refute it. At the end of the day myself and my mom are so exhausted, I just cry.

Thank you for the replies. I never thought about Alzheimer’s I can discuss it with his dr at next appointment. His dr has known him from quite a long time. It’s hard, because he is sensitive to medication..
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Orzoini, I also agree with MACinCT that what your Dad is doing is more related to memory issues and not part of OCD.

I have mild OCD, thus if I see a picture hanging on a wall that is off kilter by even a very tiny bit, I have this need to straighten the picture out. Back when I had window shades, all the shades had to be the same level throughout the house. In the closet, all the same color clothes had to be in order and all facing the same direction. Or some with ODC have a need to wash their hands 20 times a day, or wall down the hall and back 10 times.

If you ever watched the old detective show "Monk", he has classic OCD in the show.

Your Dad getting lost, repeating things and constantly needing reassurance is more like what we see with memory issues. Sadly with memory issues there is little one can do. Some find just agreeing with the person works out best.

Good article to read
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You are also telling us that he is showing classic signs of Alzheimer's memory issues which I think you are not recognising. Did you ask his doctor for that assessment? I suspect that the OCD behaviors from 20 years ago are not the same. If symptoms are worse then maybe it is time for other housing
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Bumping this up. I certainly hope others might have some good suggestions.

How much do you and your mom like his doctor? It seems odd that the doctor is saying it is just going to take months for the antidepressant to work and that's that. And meanwhile your poor dad is in torment and you and your mom are struggling to keep things together.

Is this doctor a psychiatrist or just a general internist? I've read other posters on this site recommending geriatric psychiatrists. Maybe it might be good to get a second opinion as to your dad's treatment?
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